Toddler World – Guest post on PhD in Parenting

My recent guest post on PHDinParenting, as part of the Carnival of Toddlers, about empowering our children. “Anyone can lead,” even our toddlers. Click through to read the full article!


Toddlers are fascinating human beings for a variety of reasons, not least because so much of the ways in which they orient and construct their toddler world has everything to do with the ways in which we, the adults in their lives give them space to do so. For example a toddler who is given freedom to express herself and creative space to self-regulate is generally-speaking a happy child. I know, you must be thinking, what does a toddler have to be technically unhappy about beyond the usual “I want this tantrum?” Everything, if we’re paying close enough attention.

I have two girls age 3 and 6. Each has a unique approach to life specific to their age and to their personality. I’ve noticed that while my 6 year old is confident and self-possessed, she is also cautious and carefully edits her environment prior to proceeding. My 3 year old doesn’t. She jumps in with both feet blissfully unaware of what “might be” and is quite happy to go along the path of not knowing. This may be attributable to personality, but in my limited experience as a parent, everything is possible—particularly from the vantage point of an empowered child.

Click through to read the full article…

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