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A few nights ago my huzza and I attended the 25th year gala tribute celebration for Bruce Mau/Design. The event was also a $500 per plate fundraiser for the Design Exchange, and Bruce Mau was the honoured guest. It was an impressive event, with an even more impressive guest list. To the initiated, I imagine that these events could be considered dry and typical. Folks dress up, imbibe a few too many, spend some cash, consume fancy apps, and exchange do you know who I am-type stories. Some attendees might leave motivated and energized, armed with their ‘good deed’ receipts…. [ Read More ]

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As evidenced in my [many] un/sent letters to Oprah, President Obama, the makers of Lays Potato Chips, both print and online newspapers, in addition to the comment section of the various blogs I fancy, let’s just say for argument’s sake, that I am prone to rather large pronouncements. If I “love” you, I love you with my whole heart, if I simply “like” you, I like the best about you, and if through my extra-sensory scorpion receptors, I “sense” that you don’t “like” me [we Scorps are extra-feely, extra passion-y types], well then, I feel no ways about reciprocating that…. [ Read More ]

I LOVE reading a good read. For me it goes without saying, except that I’m gonna say it. What constitues a good read for me is something that is well-written, engaging, informative and beautifully executed in a way that speaks to my sensibilities and inclinations. Since joining the Blogosphere, albeit somewhat “late” in the game, I’ve had the great fortune to find a few gems that have captured and retained my interest in ways that I had not previously imagined. I think that when you are busy in your own world trying to make relevance of your own life, you…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Bite Me. I don’t ever really feel the need to toot my own horn, or “big” myself “up” or say things like, “that’s my line,” and so on. But I kind of feel like I have to now. My husband and I both write blogs. His is called “this” mine is called “that.” He’s incredibly web/internet-savvy. I am not. I surf a lot though, like a demon, but that is because I love content. I am not interested in what goes on behind the web scenes because I am not a designer. I don’t think that I could ever…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Get to know someone smarter than you. When I recall my creative design studio days chez Bruce Mau, Del Terrelonge and Yabu Pushelberg, I will always remember one of the many Life Gems I learned sitting next to Bruce in one of those timeless Eames chairs. It was this: No matter what station in life somebody happens to be in, whatever their personal triumphs and struggles, no matter their apparent educational level, you can always learn something. No, he didn’t say exactly those words, but the vibe of the studio environment was generally like that. What he did say…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Get Interested in Design. Design is all around us. It’s literally in the air we breathe. These days Designers, those seemingly untouchable uber creative types are communicating their ideas in ways that we can all actually now comprehend. Oh, they always did, but perhaps in ways that were a bit too lofty, and a bit too sexy, a bit to “out there” so that the seemingly non-creative type, aka, the consumer found intimidating. Designers were the celebs of the business working class. Kind of like Rockstars. They looked a certain way, acted a certain way and created and delivered…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Check out the Interior Design Show’s “World Without Oil Conference” happening at the Design Exchange in Toronto today, January 21st 9am-6pm. There are some fabulous personal favourites including, Bruce Mau, Fritz Haeg, Todd Boontje, and Dr Dayna Baumeister. Here’s a blurb from the symposium: Leading designers from around the globe are invited to imagine A World Without Oil at an all-day symposium in Toronto. They will share their practical experiences in sustainable design, and dare to dream of a society that is no longer dependent on oil. The symposium will provide critical insight to new and alternative practices, materials,…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Have a Manifesto for Growth. For the longest time I fought against what I was purportedly good at. For example, I knew that I could write, and that I wanted to write, but I didn’t know how well or if this was simply a passing idea. I never considered an audience to whom I could share my well-considered wisdom, and I certainly never made space for my potential critics. I didn’t think about how I would channel my ideas into something constructive or vaguely useful. I assumed rather self-righteously that what I would eventually have to say, or write…. [ Read More ]

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