• Im-Sorry-What-is-an-Apology-A-Lance-Armstrong-Teachable-Moment What is an Apology? A Lance Armstrong Teachable Moment [Part 2 of 2]

    Welcome to the age of the Faux Media Apology. Here are some tips and reminders in the event that you need to refresh your understanding of the Anatomy of an Apology. Take note fallen “heroes,” “icons,” and “idols.” As you seek redemption via a carefully-worded, sound-bite-worthy corporate script, master-minded with  ...

  • Dear Jodie Foster: I Think You Should... stop sucking and blowing Dear Jodie Foster: I think you should stop sucking and blowing.

    In August, which is like 1000 years ago in media time, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison broke up because of... QUELLE HORREUR!... an infidelity on the part of Kristen Stewart. I won’t chide you if you don’t know “who” they are because if you don’t know who they are then ...


Tyler Perry’s films don’t bother me much. And I don’t take it personally when he brings to the big screen larger than life caricatures of what he [and others] perceive to be the ‘essence’ of black American folks and black American culture. I’m not bothered by the fact that what he may or may not do in terms of character development is “representative” or not, because I personally have never had a Madea in my home, nor have I ever come across a Madea in all the years that I’ve been on the planet. I don’t have physically larger than…. [ Read More ]


I didn’t physically grow up with my father. But in many ways I did so emotionally. And the older I get I realize that he and I have a spiritual connection which for me seems to have replaced the physical proximity I never knew. Growing up in a single parent household, my sisters and I never wanted for anything. At least, I never felt like we wanted for anything. [My younger sister might have a different re/memory as younger siblings are wont to do]. When my mother decided to leave my father that fateful day in Nigeria, her decision “sealed…. [ Read More ]


Today at 12:35 EST @dreamhampton313 posted the tweet: “Meditating on the difference between cultural criticism and artist. Considering abandoning the first.” dream hampton is none other than Hip Hop’s well-respected chronicler of Urban Life, among other things. She was  a dear friend of the late Christopher Wallace [AKA Biggie Smalls] and she knew and grew up with many of Hip Hop’s original MCs.  She is also the silent co-author of Jay-Z’s, autobiography,  Decoded. dream’s tweet struck a chord with me because as one who endeavours to eek out precious time to occasionally write about cultural “truth,” I often find myself…. [ Read More ]


It’s true. Something did happen. And you won’t believe it. I hardly believed it myself, but then one day passed into 2 days which passed into 1 week which passed into 10 days, and all off a sudden two weeks have gone by and the “good intention” to blog has left my spirit. But I’ve been busy. Boy, have I been busy. With what, you ask? [Life] With reading. Other People’s Blogs. [Life] And Tweeting. [Life] My “tweeter-addiction” as I fondly like to call it, has zapped my imaginary blog-discipline, and turned the online-expression of my laundry list of personal…. [ Read More ]


Is it just me or is anyone else tired of celebrities who seduce us into buying their schlock and then THEY give it to charity? On February 24, 2011, I came across a headline on my Twitter timeline which read: “Why are black pop stars performing at the behest of dictators?” Written by Lori Adelman, the story came courtesy of The Griot an African American online journal. I immediately clicked on the link and was surprised to find that not only had Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and Usher performed for Libyan dictator Mouammar Qaddafi, but they accepted a $1 Million paycheck…. [ Read More ]


I haven’t blogged in awhile. I haven’t visited my blog, much less read the *stats or **number of visits to my site since my last entry. I leave all that stuff, what I consider to be the minutiae of blogging, to my ***husband. It’s not that I don’t care, because I do. “But I don’t, but I do, but I don’t, but I do.” This series of not caring and caring is brought to you courtesy of my youngest. When she was 2—she’s now 3—I would tell her that we “care about everything.” The discussion was brought about because she…. [ Read More ]


When I read the “exclusive” interview by Danielle Belton of The Loop 21/The Black Snob fame about the “anonymous” woman—now known as Yesha Callahan AKA “Fly Black Chick” and outed friend of the author—who had shamed Craigslist Congressman Chris Lee into resigning, I immediately thought it sounded inauthentic. As it turns out, Ms Belton and Ms Callahan are good friends which in the end may have proven disastrous for Ms Callahan since it was Ms Belton who bragged on her blog, “I scored an interview with the woman who Rep. Chris Lee [R-NY] was sending shirtless pictures to.” In order…. [ Read More ]


Last week I was asked to contribute a 4-part online Mommy Blog for a popular Black Canadian magazine. The topic was Motherhood. Black Motherhood, specifically. There was to be little or no pay, no contracts were signed, and my passion and the fact that I was a “fine writer with a good deal of rant” would suffice as compensation for my 16 years of professional experience. Really. That said, I was excited to commit to the discipline of writing a series of articles for publication, and certainly to lend my voice and support to my community. However, truth be told,…. [ Read More ]


Hi Peeps: So a few days ago I had a terrific conversation with the editor/publisher of Sway Magazine in which I pitched a few stories towards a 4 part series Mommy Blog [I had sent him my Motherhood Regret Narrative post earlier and that sparked a serious of great conversations]. I was completely excited because the editor was totally complimentary and enthusiastic about my writing. Of course, as any writer can attest, it is nerve-racking publishing any piece of writing because one never knows how it will be received. For example, I’ve been told on numerous occasions that my blog…. [ Read More ]


Bitch. It’s All About My Selfhood. As is my usual habit, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the interwebs reading, researching, raging and engaging—and not blogging. I’ll confess this much to you now: it gets my adrenalin pumping! Although I am undiagnosed with ADD, I feel that my inability to focus on one internet story at a time has lead to an increasingly unstoppable desire to Tweet just about everything I read—and not blog. This inability to focus has turned into a running joke between me and myself. And I now realize that trying to respond to every…. [ Read More ]

2010, I hardly knew ya… To say that 2010 was capital B, busy is an understatement. But I can only attempt to measure it at this point by illustrating what I want to accomplish in 2011. Personally, I’m not big on regrets, but I am big on review and reflection. I can tell you that September to December happened at break neck speed. I can tell you that in these past 3 months that Life happened in a way that was both qualitatively intense and quantitatively fascinating measured by the events that happened to me, around me and in the…. [ Read More ]


Women. You glorious, gorgeous complex beings of humanity. Lately, when I think about [W]omen & [w]omen, and to a large extent, Feminism & Womanism — altho’ as much as I am able to read Feminist and Womanist texts, and pieces of journalism from women who don’t identify as such — I don’t always compartmentalize my readings thusly. When I do think about the aforementioned ‘categories,’ I think about an inexhaustible subject that is never without seeming controversy. There is controversy, if you will, largely because I identify as a Woman, but also because women folk are everywhere—in colour, in size,…. [ Read More ]


I’ve thought about posting this topic for some time now. Not because it is a pressing issue in my life, but because I’ve had my share of “run-ins” that have left me wondering how to deal, and subsequently, how to process my experiences. These incidences have either registered as a direct experience, or via a situation that I have experienced vicariously through someone else. I for one don’t go actively searching for ways in which cultural clashes have manifested themselves, nor do I spend my time trolling through other people’s race-grievances in the media. At the same time, I am…. [ Read More ]


A few days ago Jezebel compiled and posted this compilation of Kanye West’s “most ridiculous on air moments.” I’m not sure what the point of the PSA was other than to draw yet more attention to the fails and foibles of a young Holly’weird entertainer on the brink; to further humiliate, demonize, excoriate, and mock a black male celebrity—oh look, he’s so angry [but in that sexy black male kind of way]—to add more fuel to the fire and ire of a clearly inexhaustible genius and sometime professional ego-maniac; or to show how ‘on point’ Jezebel is when it comes…. [ Read More ]


In recent news, there has been a lot of talk about Courtney Love.  According to the will and might of sycophantic media behaviour, she seems to be experiencing a comeback, or is it a resurgence[?] in popular culture opinion. Why you ask? Well, because, it’s *that time* again. And lest you think there isn’t anything more important happening in our world culture—“George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People”— than the shenanigans of the former Mrs Kurt Cobain, also known as the Verbally Abusive Mother of Francis Bean, also known as a Successful Plastic Surgery Ambassador, also known as a Lifestyle Mental…. [ Read More ]


For some time now, I’ve been following media critic, journalist and activist Jenn Pozner. She recently wrote a book called Reality Bites Back. In it she explores the perils of Reality TV-watching and how this genre is contributing to the demoralization of our culture, furthering desensitizing our interactions with others and contributing to toxic stereotypes through the melodramatizing of different cultural behaviours. I have not yet read the book—I intend to—but I’ve spent time on the website, I’ve watched several of the Vlogs, and I’ve been following the various conversations on Twitter. Prior to the book’s release, I exchanged a…. [ Read More ]


Last week, I followed a link through CNN about a Mom of 2 children aged 2 & 5 who suffers from Bipolar Disorder. She was diagnosed in 2006 which means it’s been 4 years since her treatment began and 4 years that she has been under medical supervision. I am not a mental health expert, nor do I suffer from any kind of mental disorder or chronic habits that would render me unable to care for myself or my children. That said, I experience stress, mood-swings according to my hormone cycle, general irritability at people, situations and myself when things…. [ Read More ]

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