In Which The Paycheck From Writing Bank Account Has Officially Been Established

Hi Friends:

So, in between mothering with a small “m” and Mothering with a big “M” I’ve been blowing up twitter–mostly in my mind of course, but I’ve been blowing it up nonetheless.



Oh, and I’ve been writing some articles at a online parenting magazine about imperfect parenting. Not sure if I’m *allowed* to provide any linkage, from my blog to their site, but if you hit me up on Twitter, we can do it all nice and legal’ish that way. Cool.

Oh, and I’m collecting a paycheck from writing–did you catch that backflip? Let me do it again in case you missed it. There. As a result of this  newly acquired status as a person who now collects paychecks from writing, I’ve decided to open a Paycheck From Writing Bank Account, because *that* has never happened to me before. Actually that’s not true, in my professional life once upon a time, I did get paid. But this is a new gig,  and new day, so getting paid “professionally” and getting paid now, is like totally different, man. So don’t steal my thunder. The Paycheck From Writing Bank Account has officially been established.


Thank you, and thank you, and thank you!



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