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ithinkyoushould. Honour The Children. Children are our most precious resource. They are the essence and the source of the miracle of life itself. And they are hard work. Take a look at the life of any hard working parent [or teacher] and you know that they are stretched and maxed seemingly beyond their human capacity to make a better life for the children in their care. The old saying, “it takes a village” rings true on every count. Today we can replace the word village, with “global community” and the meaning and the essence of the phrase expands into a concept for the universe. If one child succeeds in the first world, where one child expires in the 3rd world, then we know that “we” are not honouring the children. We are only as advanced and progressive as our systems to improve the lives of ALL children are. Which means that we need to support parents. Parents need education and guidance, every step of the way. But even those people who choose not to procreate or can’t for whatever reason need also to honour the children, and need to be sensitive to the plight of children.

Awhile ago French psychologist, Corinne Maier wrote a supposedly satirical book called 40 Reasons For Not Having Children. Personally, I was irritated that a book of this nature could be released into the universe so cavalierly without, I felt, any legitimate back up to explain how she reached such an absurd conclusion other than the fact that it was based on the pathetic and sad example of her own life. The woman, a rather pinched and unhappy looking specimen, who regretted the birth of her daughter and son would go on to explain things like the difficulty she experienced in going to a nice restaurant or visiting an art gallery, etc., as if these are universal difficulties that women would experience if they decided to procreate.

My first response to this book was YIKES! She kind of nailed it, but only the superficial negative stuff, what about the *true* rewards and challenges of creating, making, sustaining a life and in turn being responsible to someone other than your narcissistic self? What about the fact that if there are no children, there is no world? What about the fact that if her own parents felt the same way she did, she would not be here, and so on. What got me most was that satire or not, it read like a piece of  irresponsible journalism that could easily be miscontrued. And of course it was. If women were ever considering giving birth, this was almost a candid viewpoint on why they shouldn’t. Me, I just think she needs more sleep, because when all is said and done, I think you should honour the children: the one inside you, the one outside of you, and the ones closest or farthest from you.

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