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Welcome to the age of the Faux Media Apology. Here are some tips and reminders in the event that you need to refresh your understanding of the Anatomy of an Apology. Take note fallen “heroes,” “icons,” and “idols.” As you seek redemption via a carefully-worded, sound-bite-worthy corporate script, master-minded with  focus-group-like precision, and thus guaranteed to win back the favour of your constituents…We, your former trusty supporters and allies, duped, disappointed, yet desperately hopeful, await your strategically-timed remorse-missive delivered through the lens of PR-savvy handlers… But wait. Perhaps you prefer the lucrative, prime-time, blue chip, advertising-sponsored-put your dollars next to…. [ Read More ]

My husband and I practice mindful parenting and gentle discipline. This means no spanking, and no hitting. At all. Ever. This also means that there is a lot of talking in our home. We do not subscribe to any hard and fast parenting “rules”, rather we work together to establish flexible “guidelines” so that our two children aged 4 and 7, will learn to feel secure and confident, heard, loved, and respected. In our home, we talk about our feelings, and we encourage self-expression. We talk about what it means to show respect and to be respected. We talk about…. [ Read More ]


You know when I got up this morning I didn’t exactly get up to write. I got up to jump rope, but I thought about writing. I’ve thought about writing every single day of this week [of the last few months to be precise], and I’ve done nothing about it. I feel like I have too much to say, and I have too many words to put down. There’s too much meaning attached to the words I want to use, and I don’t really feel like explaining what I mean. [Of course I could stand to be corrected, we all.... [ Read More ]


TIME magazine has taken the “Look Ma, there’s another Ma who’s better than you!” media trope to a whole new level by disingenuously asking “Are You Mom Enough?” So if you’re “just” a mom and you’ve been thoroughly confused by the not-so-subtle subliminal media suggestion that you’re uncomfortable with your parenting choices or what to call yourself other than “mommy” — because apparently calling yourself a mom means that you have unwittingly undervalued and enslaved your womanhood — you’re not alone. Please click through to to read the full article.      


1. If you’re stuck, and you just can’t anymore; let it go. You can always pick up where you left off, or leave it altogether if that suits you better. 2. If you’ve tried, and you’ve failed; let it go. Success lays in trying. 3. If you find that you just can’t measure up, don’t. You aren’t supposed to. Validate your personal strengths rather than focussing on your weaknesses. 4. If someone’s mothering offends you, look away. That mother is doing what is best for her child. 5. If your mothering expectations are at odds with the child you’re parenting,…. [ Read More ]


Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8, 2011 was a particularly awesome Mother’s Day to remember. Why? Because it was the first Mother’s Day in 6 years that I actually felt like I earned the title of Mother; and it was the first time in 6 years that I actually felt like I deserved the title of “Mother.” [My daughers are 6 and 3 years old]. Oh, and Oprah returned a tweet of mine. But more on that later. Up until this particular Mother’s Day, I mostly felt like I was going through the motions of Motherhood. You know, mentally checking off…. [ Read More ]


Today at 12:35 EST @dreamhampton313 posted the tweet: “Meditating on the difference between cultural criticism and artist. Considering abandoning the first.” dream hampton is none other than Hip Hop’s well-respected chronicler of Urban Life, among other things. She was  a dear friend of the late Christopher Wallace [AKA Biggie Smalls] and she knew and grew up with many of Hip Hop’s original MCs.  She is also the silent co-author of Jay-Z’s, autobiography,  Decoded. dream’s tweet struck a chord with me because as one who endeavours to eek out precious time to occasionally write about cultural “truth,” I often find myself…. [ Read More ]


I haven’t blogged in awhile. I haven’t visited my blog, much less read the *stats or **number of visits to my site since my last entry. I leave all that stuff, what I consider to be the minutiae of blogging, to my ***husband. It’s not that I don’t care, because I do. “But I don’t, but I do, but I don’t, but I do.” This series of not caring and caring is brought to you courtesy of my youngest. When she was 2—she’s now 3—I would tell her that we “care about everything.” The discussion was brought about because she…. [ Read More ]


Bitch. It’s All About My Selfhood. As is my usual habit, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the interwebs reading, researching, raging and engaging—and not blogging. I’ll confess this much to you now: it gets my adrenalin pumping! Although I am undiagnosed with ADD, I feel that my inability to focus on one internet story at a time has lead to an increasingly unstoppable desire to Tweet just about everything I read—and not blog. This inability to focus has turned into a running joke between me and myself. And I now realize that trying to respond to every…. [ Read More ]

2010, I hardly knew ya… To say that 2010 was capital B, busy is an understatement. But I can only attempt to measure it at this point by illustrating what I want to accomplish in 2011. Personally, I’m not big on regrets, but I am big on review and reflection. I can tell you that September to December happened at break neck speed. I can tell you that in these past 3 months that Life happened in a way that was both qualitatively intense and quantitatively fascinating measured by the events that happened to me, around me and in the…. [ Read More ]


Women. You glorious, gorgeous complex beings of humanity. Lately, when I think about [W]omen & [w]omen, and to a large extent, Feminism & Womanism — altho’ as much as I am able to read Feminist and Womanist texts, and pieces of journalism from women who don’t identify as such — I don’t always compartmentalize my readings thusly. When I do think about the aforementioned ‘categories,’ I think about an inexhaustible subject that is never without seeming controversy. There is controversy, if you will, largely because I identify as a Woman, but also because women folk are everywhere—in colour, in size,…. [ Read More ]


Last week, I followed a link through CNN about a Mom of 2 children aged 2 & 5 who suffers from Bipolar Disorder. She was diagnosed in 2006 which means it’s been 4 years since her treatment began and 4 years that she has been under medical supervision. I am not a mental health expert, nor do I suffer from any kind of mental disorder or chronic habits that would render me unable to care for myself or my children. That said, I experience stress, mood-swings according to my hormone cycle, general irritability at people, situations and myself when things…. [ Read More ]

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[And If You Don’t Know What That Is, Recall the TV Show ER Back in the Day Where They Intubated Just About Every Person Who Entered The ER. It’s When A Breathing Tube is Inserted Into Your Mouth To Breathe For You. Not Pretty. But Literally Life-Saving]. This past Thursday after a full day at school, my husband and I [and our 2 ½ year old], drove our 5 ½ year old daughter to the emergency department of our local hospital for asthma treatment. She had not been feeling well all day at school, and had apparently taken ill shortly…. [ Read More ]

11:00pm’ish. It’s late. I don’t usually write posts this late because I’m usually surfing or checking Twitter updates, talking to my huzzband, watching him design something, or cleaning something in my house. Traditionally, at this hour, I might be checking in on our beautiful sleeping girls, or rummaging through the fridge or cupboards looking for something to eat. You know, something. But tonight, we are in our office space working on finances, and I’m on Twitter. Something catches my eye. It’s about the Fantasia Barrino overdose/attempt. And this twitterer/blogger I catch is phenomenal in her assessment of what is happening…. [ Read More ]

In my first life, I was a city-slicker of the urban-dweller variety. Except I really didn’t pay too much attention to it. I lived downtown and uptown. I worked and sometimes hobnobbed with the rich & famous, the professionally pretty, and the achingly stylish, and I learned and honed the beginnings of my artistic expression through some of  the world’s top creative minds. I’ve got beautiful stories and memories of a time when my Life was All About Me, and by extension, the beautiful people I associated with. I’ve also got the battle scars and post-traumatic stress flashbacks to gently…. [ Read More ]

No matter what happens in Life, some people will always see the bad over the good, the negative over the positive. Some people might not ever believe that Things Happen for a Reason, instead they might be the people who think that Things Happen to Me Because the World is Sh*t. Me? I am a staunch believer in the former. I think I have always been that way, but as I grow more comfortable into being me, I realize that what you believe, the things you manifest, the beliefs you hold dear, go a long way towards shaping your future…. [ Read More ]

This morning, my 5 year old daughter, who has been reading since she was 3 ½ was teaching her sister, age 2, how to match and identify the words to the animals on her puzzle. It was indeed a “moment.” Prior to that they were screaming at one another, grabbing for the same item, and competing for my attention. My husband is still sleeping. Don’t! get me started. But when my 5 year old decided that she wanted to share her knowledge with her sister, most importantly, without being asked to do so, she simply took the initiative. Hers. Children…. [ Read More ]

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