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Welcome to the age of the Faux Media Apology. Here are some tips and reminders in the event that you need to refresh your understanding of the Anatomy of an Apology. Take note fallen “heroes,” “icons,” and “idols.” As you seek redemption via a carefully-worded, sound-bite-worthy corporate script, master-minded with  focus-group-like precision, and thus guaranteed to win back the favour of your constituents…We, your former trusty supporters and allies, duped, disappointed, yet desperately hopeful, await your strategically-timed remorse-missive delivered through the lens of PR-savvy handlers… But wait. Perhaps you prefer the lucrative, prime-time, blue chip, advertising-sponsored-put your dollars next to…. [ Read More ]

My husband and I practice mindful parenting and gentle discipline. This means no spanking, and no hitting. At all. Ever. This also means that there is a lot of talking in our home. We do not subscribe to any hard and fast parenting “rules”, rather we work together to establish flexible “guidelines” so that our two children aged 4 and 7, will learn to feel secure and confident, heard, loved, and respected. In our home, we talk about our feelings, and we encourage self-expression. We talk about what it means to show respect and to be respected. We talk about…. [ Read More ]


TIME magazine has taken the “Look Ma, there’s another Ma who’s better than you!” media trope to a whole new level by disingenuously asking “Are You Mom Enough?” So if you’re “just” a mom and you’ve been thoroughly confused by the not-so-subtle subliminal media suggestion that you’re uncomfortable with your parenting choices or what to call yourself other than “mommy” — because apparently calling yourself a mom means that you have unwittingly undervalued and enslaved your womanhood — you’re not alone. Please click through to to read the full article.      


1. If you’re stuck, and you just can’t anymore; let it go. You can always pick up where you left off, or leave it altogether if that suits you better. 2. If you’ve tried, and you’ve failed; let it go. Success lays in trying. 3. If you find that you just can’t measure up, don’t. You aren’t supposed to. Validate your personal strengths rather than focussing on your weaknesses. 4. If someone’s mothering offends you, look away. That mother is doing what is best for her child. 5. If your mothering expectations are at odds with the child you’re parenting,…. [ Read More ]


I grew up in a single parent household helmed by my Mother, who was [and is] commonly referred to as a “Strong Woman.” I’ll never say that my mother was both Mother and Father, because she wasn’t. She was simply a woman who “did what she had to do;” and like many women of her time, put her children first above all else. If my Mother had any resentment, personal grievances or an inner conflict about what she would have preferred to do, she never aired them. It’s as if she wanted to spare us the guilt of having a…. [ Read More ]

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Contrary to popular media culture belief, as the mother of two girl children aged 4 and 6, I do not spend every waking moment of our lives ruminating on the subject of pink politics as it concerns my girls, but the media and certain organizations hell-bent on breaking the so-called mould of stereotypical girlhood would have you believe I do. To date, I have not suddenly become paralyzed with indecision when it comes to choosing pink Lego over non-pink Lego for fear of raising marginalized and/or gender-conforming human beings, nor have I lost sleep over the fact that Mulan now…. [ Read More ]


It would seem that I have a lot to say. Some days it just so happens that I have more to say than other days, and some days it just so happens that I have more to say than most people. I can’t help it. Or more accurately I don’t want to help it. Since becoming a Mother I seem to have misplaced my internal mute button. It’s not that it no longer exists, it’s just that I’ve chosen to disregard it. Mind you, in disregarding it, I have felt stronger and more empowered than I’ve ever felt in my…. [ Read More ]


I haven’t blogged in awhile. I haven’t visited my blog, much less read the *stats or **number of visits to my site since my last entry. I leave all that stuff, what I consider to be the minutiae of blogging, to my ***husband. It’s not that I don’t care, because I do. “But I don’t, but I do, but I don’t, but I do.” This series of not caring and caring is brought to you courtesy of my youngest. When she was 2—she’s now 3—I would tell her that we “care about everything.” The discussion was brought about because she…. [ Read More ]


Last week I was asked to contribute a 4-part online Mommy Blog for a popular Black Canadian magazine. The topic was Motherhood. Black Motherhood, specifically. There was to be little or no pay, no contracts were signed, and my passion and the fact that I was a “fine writer with a good deal of rant” would suffice as compensation for my 16 years of professional experience. Really. That said, I was excited to commit to the discipline of writing a series of articles for publication, and certainly to lend my voice and support to my community. However, truth be told,…. [ Read More ]


Hi Peeps: So a few days ago I had a terrific conversation with the editor/publisher of Sway Magazine in which I pitched a few stories towards a 4 part series Mommy Blog [I had sent him my Motherhood Regret Narrative post earlier and that sparked a serious of great conversations]. I was completely excited because the editor was totally complimentary and enthusiastic about my writing. Of course, as any writer can attest, it is nerve-racking publishing any piece of writing because one never knows how it will be received. For example, I’ve been told on numerous occasions that my blog…. [ Read More ]

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Bitch. It’s All About My Selfhood. As is my usual habit, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the interwebs reading, researching, raging and engaging—and not blogging. I’ll confess this much to you now: it gets my adrenalin pumping! Although I am undiagnosed with ADD, I feel that my inability to focus on one internet story at a time has lead to an increasingly unstoppable desire to Tweet just about everything I read—and not blog. This inability to focus has turned into a running joke between me and myself. And I now realize that trying to respond to every…. [ Read More ]


Last week, I followed a link through CNN about a Mom of 2 children aged 2 & 5 who suffers from Bipolar Disorder. She was diagnosed in 2006 which means it’s been 4 years since her treatment began and 4 years that she has been under medical supervision. I am not a mental health expert, nor do I suffer from any kind of mental disorder or chronic habits that would render me unable to care for myself or my children. That said, I experience stress, mood-swings according to my hormone cycle, general irritability at people, situations and myself when things…. [ Read More ]

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So if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m the Passionate type. The passion part carries equal weight with my being Emotionally Sensitive and Terrifically Intense. Ya. A Barrel of Laughs is what they call me. But, come on now, I can be fun, too. [Never said I was “cool.”] And I know how to have a good time. But I’m not for everyone—who is? Guess what peeps, when you get older, you also get to a place where you’re OK with this. [Well, some of us anyway]. I also endeavour to live the old-school vibe of “live &…. [ Read More ]

The saying, Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Tell You Who You Are is a saying that has been around forever. I come to it by way of my Mother. As previously mentioned, my Mother had a lot of sayings which she used with frequency that gave her life meaning and purpose. She passed along these sayings to my sisters and me, her three daughters. Some of “her” sayings continue to resonate with me and they still carry the wit and reverse psychological impact they once did. Some are an instant call to my renewed sense of self-reflection due to…. [ Read More ]

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I know. Harsh eh? But sometimes harsh words stem from harsh circumstances, and those circumstances call for harsh measures. When I was feeling a bit less combative, I had thought about giving this post the title, The Sisterhood? Much calmer, non? More evocative of a query, perhaps an investigation of sorts. Thing is, my feelings are mixed. Not sure if I’m a big enough person to just let things go, move forward and move on, or if I will at the end of this issue find myself more angry, more isolated and/or disillusioned about my high-falutin’ expectations. Um, Girl Power….. [ Read More ]

This morning, my 5 year old daughter, who has been reading since she was 3 ½ was teaching her sister, age 2, how to match and identify the words to the animals on her puzzle. It was indeed a “moment.” Prior to that they were screaming at one another, grabbing for the same item, and competing for my attention. My husband is still sleeping. Don’t! get me started. But when my 5 year old decided that she wanted to share her knowledge with her sister, most importantly, without being asked to do so, she simply took the initiative. Hers. Children…. [ Read More ]

Sometimes, I’ll admit, I read far too much into things. And I’m prone to think that not only is this a symptom of our times, but a condition of my/our attachment to all things media-related. If we are not grabbed by the most salacious and provocative headlines, a 24 hour media-feed that reports all things trendy and au courant, then we are left to ponder our relevance, dare I say importance, to those who might be more or less connected than we are. And so it is with me. I only recently got on Facebook. I only recently started a…. [ Read More ]

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