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It would seem that I have a lot to say. Some days it just so happens that I have more to say than other days, and some days it just so happens that I have more to say than most people. I can’t help it. Or more accurately I don’t want to help it. Since becoming a Mother I seem to have misplaced my internal mute button. It’s not that it no longer exists, it’s just that I’ve chosen to disregard it. Mind you, in disregarding it, I have felt stronger and more empowered than I’ve ever felt in my…. [ Read More ]


Hi Friends: So, in between mothering with a small “m” and Mothering with a big “M” I’ve been blowing up twitter–mostly in my mind of course, but I’ve been blowing it up nonetheless.   Oh, and I’ve been writing some articles at a online parenting magazine about imperfect parenting. Not sure if I’m *allowed* to provide any linkage, from my blog to their site, but if you hit me up on Twitter, we can do it all nice and legal’ish that way. Cool. Oh, and I’m collecting a paycheck from writing–did you catch that backflip? Let me do it again…. [ Read More ]

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It’s true. Something did happen. And you won’t believe it. I hardly believed it myself, but then one day passed into 2 days which passed into 1 week which passed into 10 days, and all off a sudden two weeks have gone by and the “good intention” to blog has left my spirit. But I’ve been busy. Boy, have I been busy. With what, you ask? [Life] With reading. Other People’s Blogs. [Life] And Tweeting. [Life] My “tweeter-addiction” as I fondly like to call it, has zapped my imaginary blog-discipline, and turned the online-expression of my laundry list of personal…. [ Read More ]


Hi Peeps: So a few days ago I had a terrific conversation with the editor/publisher of Sway Magazine in which I pitched a few stories towards a 4 part series Mommy Blog [I had sent him my Motherhood Regret Narrative post earlier and that sparked a serious of great conversations]. I was completely excited because the editor was totally complimentary and enthusiastic about my writing. Of course, as any writer can attest, it is nerve-racking publishing any piece of writing because one never knows how it will be received. For example, I’ve been told on numerous occasions that my blog…. [ Read More ]

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2010, I hardly knew ya… To say that 2010 was capital B, busy is an understatement. But I can only attempt to measure it at this point by illustrating what I want to accomplish in 2011. Personally, I’m not big on regrets, but I am big on review and reflection. I can tell you that September to December happened at break neck speed. I can tell you that in these past 3 months that Life happened in a way that was both qualitatively intense and quantitatively fascinating measured by the events that happened to me, around me and in the…. [ Read More ]

So, I had a successful run at plugging out from the Twittersphere for one whole day. And ooooh girl, duuude, the CLARITY. I kid, but the pregnant pause involved in not running to @Twitter to dump and spill every aching commentary onto my timeline, plus feeling personally responsible to read each bit of information from the people I follow has been revealing. Revealing in the sense that in taking a strategic break I have somehow given myself permission to absorb, process and figure out what to do with all that vital and frivolous information, with the goal being to translate…. [ Read More ]


Today I signed-off @Twitter. The reason? I am overwhelmed. In the last few weeks I have been consuming a steady diet of race/politics, and woman/politics with a few dashes of fashion here and there. Needless to say I’ve been a raging mess. I’ve been suspicious and untrusting, negative and cynical and supremely irritated. I have found joy in the faces of my children, but my true combative spirit is easily erupted onto adults. It hasn’t all been bad, because the result has been a sort of epiphany, and clarity on the things that were not so clear, or previously required…. [ Read More ]

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In my first life, I was a city-slicker of the urban-dweller variety. Except I really didn’t pay too much attention to it. I lived downtown and uptown. I worked and sometimes hobnobbed with the rich & famous, the professionally pretty, and the achingly stylish, and I learned and honed the beginnings of my artistic expression through some of  the world’s top creative minds. I’ve got beautiful stories and memories of a time when my Life was All About Me, and by extension, the beautiful people I associated with. I’ve also got the battle scars and post-traumatic stress flashbacks to gently…. [ Read More ]

Embrace the Chaos Or Become a Mom Who Blogs. There’s a party in my head and I need to turn down the music except I can’t find the remote. Mostly it’s due to the cluster of fascinating guests, party favours and delicious eats and drinks that seem to hold sway over and above the desire to leave the festivities at a reasonable hour. Thing is, I am TIRED, y’all. And hallejulah it’s Wednesday. Which really means nothing in the grand scheming schwing of my current life, but I do recall a time when Wednesday meant “hump-day,” and a few short…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Enjoy the Experience When Life Gives it to You. This has been an enjoyable break. No, I haven’t read the Driver’s Handbook as I promised myself I would. Which means that yes, it doesn’t look like I will be driving this month so let’s not talk about that part shall we? What I have been able to do is lots of writing. It’s been great! I’ve also been able to binge clean my closet to get rid of things I no longer use to the tune of 4 large garbage bags. I’ve pitched some gently used shoes and even…. [ Read More ]

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