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When I read the “exclusive” interview by Danielle Belton of The Loop 21/The Black Snob fame about the “anonymous” woman—now known as Yesha Callahan AKA “Fly Black Chick” and outed friend of the author—who had shamed Craigslist Congressman Chris Lee into resigning, I immediately thought it sounded inauthentic. As it turns out, Ms Belton and Ms Callahan are good friends which in the end may have proven disastrous for Ms Callahan since it was Ms Belton who bragged on her blog, “I scored an interview with the woman who Rep. Chris Lee [R-NY] was sending shirtless pictures to.” In order…. [ Read More ]

When tweeting, the dialogue in my head goes something like this: Me: You know you shouldn’t be such a hater [on Twitter] when it comes to expressing yourself, particularly when tweeting about something you’re dissatisfied with. Me2: I know, but I almost can’t help it. Part of me knows that I should “play the game” but the other part hates playing games. Me: Get used to it. Me2: I don’t think I can, it goes against my better nature. Plus I suck at Poker. Me: Change your nature. Learn the game. Me2: I can’t change what nature created. Plus I’ve…. [ Read More ]

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11:00pm’ish. It’s late. I don’t usually write posts this late because I’m usually surfing or checking Twitter updates, talking to my huzzband, watching him design something, or cleaning something in my house. Traditionally, at this hour, I might be checking in on our beautiful sleeping girls, or rummaging through the fridge or cupboards looking for something to eat. You know, something. But tonight, we are in our office space working on finances, and I’m on Twitter. Something catches my eye. It’s about the Fantasia Barrino overdose/attempt. And this twitterer/blogger I catch is phenomenal in her assessment of what is happening…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Get some Sleep. I’m tired. My eyes are itchy with fatigue, but for some reason I cannot turn off my computer. I just want to read read read and then write just a little before I turn out the lights. There is nothing compelling going on except for the fact that I feel like I need to share. Maybe it’s the chocolate. I ate two bags of those Cadbury Mini Eggs thingies. Lethal! It’s almost 2am but here I am stuffing myself with cheap-tasting Easter Chocolate Treats. Belgium chocolates these are not, but the “artificial flavour, and “colour (with…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Laugh! This is rich! And it’s directed by Ron Howard. Heidi Montag Says No to Plastic from Heidi Montag

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ithinkyoushould. Believe it when your Teacher used to say “Good Writing is Re-Writing.” In the life I lead outside of my “writing life,”—which let me be frank, is an extension of my inner life, I usually wonder what it would be like to have an Editor. Some[warm]body to take back, pull back, reorient, readjust, and generally rethink some of the decisions I’ve made to date. I used to say that in my Life, I have not ever considered “regret” and/or “guilt” as an option, and I’ve generally forged ahead either mindful of, or blissfully ignorant of the consequences. Yes, I…. [ Read More ]

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