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Dear Jodie Foster: I Think You Should... stop sucking and blowing

In August, which is like 1000 years ago in media time, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison broke up because of… QUELLE HORREUR!… an infidelity on the part of Kristen Stewart. I won’t chide you if you don’t know “who” they are because if you don’t know who they are then you win! You win because you’ve successfully managed to steer clear of The Hype and live your life, and not the life the media are encouraging you to live. However, if on the off-chance that you haven’t been sucked into the media vortex of “other people’s lives” permit me to…. [ Read More ]


You know when I got up this morning I didn’t exactly get up to write. I got up to jump rope, but I thought about writing. I’ve thought about writing every single day of this week [of the last few months to be precise], and I’ve done nothing about it. I feel like I have too much to say, and I have too many words to put down. There’s too much meaning attached to the words I want to use, and I don’t really feel like explaining what I mean. [Of course I could stand to be corrected, we all.... [ Read More ]


TIME magazine has taken the “Look Ma, there’s another Ma who’s better than you!” media trope to a whole new level by disingenuously asking “Are You Mom Enough?” So if you’re “just” a mom and you’ve been thoroughly confused by the not-so-subtle subliminal media suggestion that you’re uncomfortable with your parenting choices or what to call yourself other than “mommy” — because apparently calling yourself a mom means that you have unwittingly undervalued and enslaved your womanhood — you’re not alone. Please click through to to read the full article.      

[The following is a response to a comment I made on to a commenter who asked me to further explain my position on the post that asked xoJane readers what they thought about the ESPN headline that referenced the ethnic origin ofJeremy Lin. I wrote it here because as it turns out, I have a lot to say on the subject]. thanks for your comment marie. i’m not sure what you’re asking, or how to answer you exactly but i’ll take a stab. please bare with me, because there is SO much better and more articulate literature out there…. [ Read More ]


Contrary to popular media culture belief, as the mother of two girl children aged 4 and 6, I do not spend every waking moment of our lives ruminating on the subject of pink politics as it concerns my girls, but the media and certain organizations hell-bent on breaking the so-called mould of stereotypical girlhood would have you believe I do. To date, I have not suddenly become paralyzed with indecision when it comes to choosing pink Lego over non-pink Lego for fear of raising marginalized and/or gender-conforming human beings, nor have I lost sleep over the fact that Mulan now…. [ Read More ]


It would seem that I have a lot to say. Some days it just so happens that I have more to say than other days, and some days it just so happens that I have more to say than most people. I can’t help it. Or more accurately I don’t want to help it. Since becoming a Mother I seem to have misplaced my internal mute button. It’s not that it no longer exists, it’s just that I’ve chosen to disregard it. Mind you, in disregarding it, I have felt stronger and more empowered than I’ve ever felt in my…. [ Read More ]


Please consult the “Forrest Gump” Glossary of terms and explanations if you are not familiar with the title of this piece. It is a well-known American cultural reference.   Once upon a time I worked in an international creative design studio that practiced graphic, product and interior design. My employer*, a man whom many considered “smart” and “successful,” assumed that [most] people were stupid. He never actually said “people are stupid,” but he implied, and applied this theory to his creative practice. In many ways he lived in that rarefied world of privilege. His world was filled with luxury and…. [ Read More ]


Recently a friend posted this on Facebook. 22 comments later, the comments got kind of heated. It’s always interesting to me what ordinary people [like me] think Rich People [like Oprah] should do with their money. I find that the people who are the most vocal about how Rich People can SAVE MANKIND are fairly typical in their suggestions as to what they presume are the most pressing needs in our world. [Suggestions include: save a country, prevent and cure world hunger and thirst; prevent homicide, matricide, and suicide; cure debt, cure illiteracy, cure and decrease infant mortality, end child.... [ Read More ]


Previously I posted about the self-congratulatory beast known as “Celebrity Charity’ism.” I and others have come to the natural conclusion that more than dealing in self-less altruism, increasingly these so-called celebrities are engaging in acts of charity for the sole purpose of boosting their public image, and let’s face it, their already inflated egos. And yes, for each celebrity who is able to lead with her heart and not by the ego which is in/securely attached to her public self-worth, increasingly there are more who do it for audience recognition and because they’ve learned that it’s perceived as the right…. [ Read More ]


Tyler Perry’s films don’t bother me much. And I don’t take it personally when he brings to the big screen larger than life caricatures of what he [and others] perceive to be the ‘essence’ of black American folks and black American culture. I’m not bothered by the fact that what he may or may not do in terms of character development is “representative” or not, because I personally have never had a Madea in my home, nor have I ever come across a Madea in all the years that I’ve been on the planet. I don’t have physically larger than…. [ Read More ]


Today at 12:35 EST @dreamhampton313 posted the tweet: “Meditating on the difference between cultural criticism and artist. Considering abandoning the first.” dream hampton is none other than Hip Hop’s well-respected chronicler of Urban Life, among other things. She was  a dear friend of the late Christopher Wallace [AKA Biggie Smalls] and she knew and grew up with many of Hip Hop’s original MCs.  She is also the silent co-author of Jay-Z’s, autobiography,  Decoded. dream’s tweet struck a chord with me because as one who endeavours to eek out precious time to occasionally write about cultural “truth,” I often find myself…. [ Read More ]


Is it just me or is anyone else tired of celebrities who seduce us into buying their schlock and then THEY give it to charity? On February 24, 2011, I came across a headline on my Twitter timeline which read: “Why are black pop stars performing at the behest of dictators?” Written by Lori Adelman, the story came courtesy of The Griot an African American online journal. I immediately clicked on the link and was surprised to find that not only had Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and Usher performed for Libyan dictator Mouammar Qaddafi, but they accepted a $1 Million paycheck…. [ Read More ]


I haven’t blogged in awhile. I haven’t visited my blog, much less read the *stats or **number of visits to my site since my last entry. I leave all that stuff, what I consider to be the minutiae of blogging, to my ***husband. It’s not that I don’t care, because I do. “But I don’t, but I do, but I don’t, but I do.” This series of not caring and caring is brought to you courtesy of my youngest. When she was 2—she’s now 3—I would tell her that we “care about everything.” The discussion was brought about because she…. [ Read More ]


When I read the “exclusive” interview by Danielle Belton of The Loop 21/The Black Snob fame about the “anonymous” woman—now known as Yesha Callahan AKA “Fly Black Chick” and outed friend of the author—who had shamed Craigslist Congressman Chris Lee into resigning, I immediately thought it sounded inauthentic. As it turns out, Ms Belton and Ms Callahan are good friends which in the end may have proven disastrous for Ms Callahan since it was Ms Belton who bragged on her blog, “I scored an interview with the woman who Rep. Chris Lee [R-NY] was sending shirtless pictures to.” In order…. [ Read More ]


A few days ago Jezebel compiled and posted this compilation of Kanye West’s “most ridiculous on air moments.” I’m not sure what the point of the PSA was other than to draw yet more attention to the fails and foibles of a young Holly’weird entertainer on the brink; to further humiliate, demonize, excoriate, and mock a black male celebrity—oh look, he’s so angry [but in that sexy black male kind of way]—to add more fuel to the fire and ire of a clearly inexhaustible genius and sometime professional ego-maniac; or to show how ‘on point’ Jezebel is when it comes…. [ Read More ]


In recent news, there has been a lot of talk about Courtney Love.  According to the will and might of sycophantic media behaviour, she seems to be experiencing a comeback, or is it a resurgence[?] in popular culture opinion. Why you ask? Well, because, it’s *that time* again. And lest you think there isn’t anything more important happening in our world culture—“George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People”— than the shenanigans of the former Mrs Kurt Cobain, also known as the Verbally Abusive Mother of Francis Bean, also known as a Successful Plastic Surgery Ambassador, also known as a Lifestyle Mental…. [ Read More ]


As evidenced in my [many] un/sent letters to Oprah, President Obama, the makers of Lays Potato Chips, both print and online newspapers, in addition to the comment section of the various blogs I fancy, let’s just say for argument’s sake, that I am prone to rather large pronouncements. If I “love” you, I love you with my whole heart, if I simply “like” you, I like the best about you, and if through my extra-sensory scorpion receptors, I “sense” that you don’t “like” me [we Scorps are extra-feely, extra passion-y types], well then, I feel no ways about reciprocating that…. [ Read More ]

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