ithinkyoushould. is an opinion-based running commentary about the current happenings—good, bad, ugly, and indifferent—in our culture today. We attempt to cover the gamut of issues and topics that people face in their daily lives; hopefully with humour, grace and objectivity. xobolaji

soapbox editions. In this section We’ll be wearing our Pontificating, Self-Righteous, and sometimes Indignant Suits of Armour, Waving our Morality flags, and Tsk-Tsking about what We Perceive to be [a] Disturbing Trend[s] in the Culture. Join us for the Fun!

This is the part where I tell you to be responsible for your own actions, and don’t blame me should you decide to eat Hostess Cupcakes.

Now, as much as I’d like to consider myself somewhat knowledgeable, I am by no means an expert. Meaning that I am not a doctor, or lawyer, or naturopath, or homeopathic practioner, or gossip maker,  or muckraker, or homewrecker, or bible-thumper,etc.

What I am is somebody who likes to know a little about everything and wants to pass on what I think I know. I think that you, in turn, hopefully being of sound, mind and able body will know the difference between someone trying to sell you a bill of goods, and someone who wants to let you know that there are other options.

And with that, young caterpillar, I leave what I think you should do, up to you!

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