#41 Harrison Ford, The Hour, George Strombo

The Hour with George Strombo on CBCithinkyoushould. Tell Harrison Ford that Sleep Aids Needs a Spokesman. The other night I watched The Hour with George Strombo. “The Bio,” as his guest’s biographical introduction is called, serves to give the highlights of said guest’s career. I was both excited and interested to see what Harrison Ford, given his illustrious film career to date, might bring to the live format nature of the show. So I watched: The. Longest. 5. Minutes. In. Television. History. Ever.

Harrison fidgeted, breathed, mumbled, spoke in a monotone, and barely made eye-contact with the audience or his host. It was excruciating. Apparently, I am not alone in my sentiments. A YouTube video of this segment with HF cannot be found.

Harrison, you’re a likeable enough actor, you’ve never strayed from the good books of the movie-going public, except when you left your wife of XX years for Ally McBeal. But Live TV just isn’t your forte, brother. Instead, I think you might try auditioning for a Sleep-Aid commercial.

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