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Welcome to the age of the Faux Media Apology. Here are some tips and reminders in the event that you need to refresh your understanding of the Anatomy of an Apology. Take note fallen “heroes,” “icons,” and “idols.” As you seek redemption via a carefully-worded, sound-bite-worthy corporate script, master-minded with  focus-group-like precision, and thus guaranteed to win back the favour of your constituents…We, your former trusty supporters and allies, duped, disappointed, yet desperately hopeful, await your strategically-timed remorse-missive delivered through the lens of PR-savvy handlers… But wait. Perhaps you prefer the lucrative, prime-time, blue chip, advertising-sponsored-put your dollars next to…. [ Read More ]

My husband and I practice mindful parenting and gentle discipline. This means no spanking, and no hitting. At all. Ever. This also means that there is a lot of talking in our home. We do not subscribe to any hard and fast parenting “rules”, rather we work together to establish flexible “guidelines” so that our two children aged 4 and 7, will learn to feel secure and confident, heard, loved, and respected. In our home, we talk about our feelings, and we encourage self-expression. We talk about what it means to show respect and to be respected. We talk about…. [ Read More ]

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