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[The following is a response to a comment I made on to a commenter who asked me to further explain my position on the post that asked xoJane readers what they thought about the ESPN headline that referenced the ethnic origin ofJeremy Lin. I wrote it here because as it turns out, I have a lot to say on the subject]. thanks for your comment marie. i’m not sure what you’re asking, or how to answer you exactly but i’ll take a stab. please bare with me, because there is SO much better and more articulate literature out there…. [ Read More ]


I grew up in a single parent household helmed by my Mother, who was [and is] commonly referred to as a “Strong Woman.” I’ll never say that my mother was both Mother and Father, because she wasn’t. She was simply a woman who “did what she had to do;” and like many women of her time, put her children first above all else. If my Mother had any resentment, personal grievances or an inner conflict about what she would have preferred to do, she never aired them. It’s as if she wanted to spare us the guilt of having a…. [ Read More ]

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Contrary to popular media culture belief, as the mother of two girl children aged 4 and 6, I do not spend every waking moment of our lives ruminating on the subject of pink politics as it concerns my girls, but the media and certain organizations hell-bent on breaking the so-called mould of stereotypical girlhood would have you believe I do. To date, I have not suddenly become paralyzed with indecision when it comes to choosing pink Lego over non-pink Lego for fear of raising marginalized and/or gender-conforming human beings, nor have I lost sleep over the fact that Mulan now…. [ Read More ]

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