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Hi Peeps: So a few days ago I had a terrific conversation with the editor/publisher of Sway Magazine in which I pitched a few stories towards a 4 part series Mommy Blog [I had sent him my Motherhood Regret Narrative post earlier and that sparked a serious of great conversations]. I was completely excited because the editor was totally complimentary and enthusiastic about my writing. Of course, as any writer can attest, it is nerve-racking publishing any piece of writing because one never knows how it will be received. For example, I’ve been told on numerous occasions that my blog…. [ Read More ]

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Bitch. It’s All About My Selfhood. As is my usual habit, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the interwebs reading, researching, raging and engaging—and not blogging. I’ll confess this much to you now: it gets my adrenalin pumping! Although I am undiagnosed with ADD, I feel that my inability to focus on one internet story at a time has lead to an increasingly unstoppable desire to Tweet just about everything I read—and not blog. This inability to focus has turned into a running joke between me and myself. And I now realize that trying to respond to every…. [ Read More ]

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