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2010, I hardly knew ya… To say that 2010 was capital B, busy is an understatement. But I can only attempt to measure it at this point by illustrating what I want to accomplish in 2011. Personally, I’m not big on regrets, but I am big on review and reflection. I can tell you that September to December happened at break neck speed. I can tell you that in these past 3 months that Life happened in a way that was both qualitatively intense and quantitatively fascinating measured by the events that happened to me, around me and in the…. [ Read More ]


Women. You glorious, gorgeous complex beings of humanity. Lately, when I think about [W]omen & [w]omen, and to a large extent, Feminism & Womanism — altho’ as much as I am able to read Feminist and Womanist texts, and pieces of journalism from women who don’t identify as such — I don’t always compartmentalize my readings thusly. When I do think about the aforementioned ‘categories,’ I think about an inexhaustible subject that is never without seeming controversy. There is controversy, if you will, largely because I identify as a Woman, but also because women folk are everywhere—in colour, in size,…. [ Read More ]


I’ve thought about posting this topic for some time now. Not because it is a pressing issue in my life, but because I’ve had my share of “run-ins” that have left me wondering how to deal, and subsequently, how to process my experiences. These incidences have either registered as a direct experience, or via a situation that I have experienced vicariously through someone else. I for one don’t go actively searching for ways in which cultural clashes have manifested themselves, nor do I spend my time trolling through other people’s race-grievances in the media. At the same time, I am…. [ Read More ]

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