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A few days ago Jezebel compiled and posted this compilation of Kanye West’s “most ridiculous on air moments.” I’m not sure what the point of the PSA was other than to draw yet more attention to the fails and foibles of a young Holly’weird entertainer on the brink; to further humiliate, demonize, excoriate, and mock a black male celebrity—oh look, he’s so angry [but in that sexy black male kind of way]—to add more fuel to the fire and ire of a clearly inexhaustible genius and sometime professional ego-maniac; or to show how ‘on point’ Jezebel is when it comes…. [ Read More ]


In recent news, there has been a lot of talk about Courtney Love.  According to the will and might of sycophantic media behaviour, she seems to be experiencing a comeback, or is it a resurgence[?] in popular culture opinion. Why you ask? Well, because, it’s *that time* again. And lest you think there isn’t anything more important happening in our world culture—“George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People”— than the shenanigans of the former Mrs Kurt Cobain, also known as the Verbally Abusive Mother of Francis Bean, also known as a Successful Plastic Surgery Ambassador, also known as a Lifestyle Mental…. [ Read More ]


For some time now, I’ve been following media critic, journalist and activist Jenn Pozner. She recently wrote a book called Reality Bites Back. In it she explores the perils of Reality TV-watching and how this genre is contributing to the demoralization of our culture, furthering desensitizing our interactions with others and contributing to toxic stereotypes through the melodramatizing of different cultural behaviours. I have not yet read the book—I intend to—but I’ve spent time on the website, I’ve watched several of the Vlogs, and I’ve been following the various conversations on Twitter. Prior to the book’s release, I exchanged a…. [ Read More ]


Last week, I followed a link through CNN about a Mom of 2 children aged 2 & 5 who suffers from Bipolar Disorder. She was diagnosed in 2006 which means it’s been 4 years since her treatment began and 4 years that she has been under medical supervision. I am not a mental health expert, nor do I suffer from any kind of mental disorder or chronic habits that would render me unable to care for myself or my children. That said, I experience stress, mood-swings according to my hormone cycle, general irritability at people, situations and myself when things…. [ Read More ]

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