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As evidenced in my [many] un/sent letters to Oprah, President Obama, the makers of Lays Potato Chips, both print and online newspapers, in addition to the comment section of the various blogs I fancy, let’s just say for argument’s sake, that I am prone to rather large pronouncements. If I “love” you, I love you with my whole heart, if I simply “like” you, I like the best about you, and if through my extra-sensory scorpion receptors, I “sense” that you don’t “like” me [we Scorps are extra-feely, extra passion-y types], well then, I feel no ways about reciprocating that…. [ Read More ]

When tweeting, the dialogue in my head goes something like this: Me: You know you shouldn’t be such a hater [on Twitter] when it comes to expressing yourself, particularly when tweeting about something you’re dissatisfied with. Me2: I know, but I almost can’t help it. Part of me knows that I should “play the game” but the other part hates playing games. Me: Get used to it. Me2: I don’t think I can, it goes against my better nature. Plus I suck at Poker. Me: Change your nature. Learn the game. Me2: I can’t change what nature created. Plus I’ve…. [ Read More ]

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Is it me, or is it you? I think it’s me, but I’m also thinking it might be a little bit of you. And more than likely it’s your fault that I feel this way, but it’s also my fault for “letting” you make me feel this way, or for feeling like I “owe” you an apology or an explanation because I feel a certain way based on what you did to me directly or indirectly. Other than that, it must be something you didn’t do, or didn’t say, or what you might have implied by not saying the thing…. [ Read More ]

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In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve had a majah “bitch-on” for a few days now. The bitch, well it seems, “she” will NOT go away. “That girl” is consumed with issue upon issue, and I wonder if she  had a “job” outside of raising her girlies and being a full time supah mothah, if she’d still find the time to be engaged, be enraged and all ‘round enslaved by The Media Mind Suck. Methinks yes, because once you’ve gone bitch, it’s really hard to go back. The awareness-factor notwithstanding, it’s the insipid behaviours of the masses that encourage and gently…. [ Read More ]

The ALT/LIFE It is a great fact of the 21st Century, of our First World Lives that we are fortunate to have options and choices. The saying, “I didn’t have a choice,” doesn’t carry much weight in our daily discourse, because generally speaking, one has innumerable, if not, a plethora of choice. Much of where we end up, so to speak, depends on our choices and the angle at which we approach and view life’s more complicated scenarios. The decision to rant or rave; to look on the bright side, versus the negative side; to embrace an idea or a…. [ Read More ]

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m the Passionate type. The passion part carries equal weight with my being Emotionally Sensitive and Terrifically Intense. Ya. A Barrel of Laughs is what they call me. But, come on now, I can be fun, too. [Never said I was “cool.”] And I know how to have a good time. But I’m not for everyone—who is? Guess what peeps, when you get older, you also get to a place where you’re OK with this. [Well, some of us anyway]. I also endeavour to live the old-school vibe of “live &…. [ Read More ]

11:00pm’ish. It’s late. I don’t usually write posts this late because I’m usually surfing or checking Twitter updates, talking to my huzzband, watching him design something, or cleaning something in my house. Traditionally, at this hour, I might be checking in on our beautiful sleeping girls, or rummaging through the fridge or cupboards looking for something to eat. You know, something. But tonight, we are in our office space working on finances, and I’m on Twitter. Something catches my eye. It’s about the Fantasia Barrino overdose/attempt. And this twitterer/blogger I catch is phenomenal in her assessment of what is happening…. [ Read More ]

Like you, sometimes I bite the hand that feeds me. It’s not something I do intentionally or wilfully, but I do live in this world, and it is a hard fact of life that one is not always righteous or good or above reproach. Being human dictates that we all at one time or another will mess up. And luckily for us, we’re all sinners and nobody loves a sinner more than Jesus. What I mean is that if you “believe” then you know that “confessing” your sins—coming clean as it were—is a step in the righteous direction. Any addict…. [ Read More ]

A recent visit to one of my favourite blogs, BangsandaBun inspired the following post about babies/children and breeders. Lady Bangs tells it like it is, and if you can’t handle her truth, you’re best not to read it. She often does etiquette-inspired posts about gentlemanly and ladylike behaviours—she lives in Britain after all—and she has this whole thing *against* Madonna thing, mostly where it concerns Madge’s lack of age-appropriate behaviour. It’s positively funny and totally original. She also writes The Bitch Please Advice Column in which she doles out sensible advice. The kind of advice that strokes your delicate sensibilities…. [ Read More ]

During my blogging dry spell I thought a lot about things that I wanted to write about. In my life it usually happens that the topics which I find fascinating are the things that intrigue me [duh] and trigger me at an emotional level. It’s usually never at first an intellectual response, because being a sensory person, like most people, it’s the visceral that appeals to me most. This is why advertising works, this is why the beauty/cosmetic industry thrives and this is why dudes dig bib boobs and shiny cars and lest we forget, the 11 year old “boy…. [ Read More ]

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