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Recently I came across a blog, by way of Roger Ebert [@ebertchicago] who tweets like a freak [frequently, feverishly, fervently] and whom I follow on Twitter. The blog is called Fatshionista. It is primarily written by a woman called Leslie Kinzel [@52stations] who is a “Fat Advocate.” Not that it’s particularly germane to my telling of her story, nor is it any of your business, but Ms. Kinzel weighs 300 lbs and she is married. You can find this information along with other “Fat Facts” in her profile, and as you read through entry after marvellous entry you get a…. [ Read More ]

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Over the past few days, I’ve had an interesting revelation. In Oprah-speak, I’ve had both an “A-Ha,” and a “Light bulb Moment.” Now, truth be told, I haven’t watched Oprah in a very long time, mostly because I’m no longer tuned into her radio frequency, and also because I’m too busy living my life to watch [other] people living theirs… on TV. Please don’t misunderstand, this is not a judgment, it’s a simple fact of my current life. That said, the “power,” will and might, and let’s not be coy here, the influence of Oprah speaks volumes. She is so…. [ Read More ]

No matter what happens in Life, some people will always see the bad over the good, the negative over the positive. Some people might not ever believe that Things Happen for a Reason, instead they might be the people who think that Things Happen to Me Because the World is Sh*t. Me? I am a staunch believer in the former. I think I have always been that way, but as I grow more comfortable into being me, I realize that what you believe, the things you manifest, the beliefs you hold dear, go a long way towards shaping your future…. [ Read More ]

I know. Harsh eh? But sometimes harsh words stem from harsh circumstances, and those circumstances call for harsh measures. When I was feeling a bit less combative, I had thought about giving this post the title, The Sisterhood? Much calmer, non? More evocative of a query, perhaps an investigation of sorts. Thing is, my feelings are mixed. Not sure if I’m a big enough person to just let things go, move forward and move on, or if I will at the end of this issue find myself more angry, more isolated and/or disillusioned about my high-falutin’ expectations. Um, Girl Power….. [ Read More ]

This morning, my 5 year old daughter, who has been reading since she was 3 ½ was teaching her sister, age 2, how to match and identify the words to the animals on her puzzle. It was indeed a “moment.” Prior to that they were screaming at one another, grabbing for the same item, and competing for my attention. My husband is still sleeping. Don’t! get me started. But when my 5 year old decided that she wanted to share her knowledge with her sister, most importantly, without being asked to do so, she simply took the initiative. Hers. Children…. [ Read More ]

I LOVE reading a good read. For me it goes without saying, except that I’m gonna say it. What constitues a good read for me is something that is well-written, engaging, informative and beautifully executed in a way that speaks to my sensibilities and inclinations. Since joining the Blogosphere, albeit somewhat “late” in the game, I’ve had the great fortune to find a few gems that have captured and retained my interest in ways that I had not previously imagined. I think that when you are busy in your own world trying to make relevance of your own life, you…. [ Read More ]

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It’s been awhile since my last post–life happened and we had a non-stop party weekend– and I have to say that I’m happy to report that I am happy. Catharsis is like that. So is closure. I don’t believe for a moment that my beef with MTV will ever go away, but suffice it to say that I have made peace with that demon for now. In life, one must pick and choose their battles, and if we were blessed with forethought and ESP we would most certainly choose the battles that we could win, or at the very least,…. [ Read More ]

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