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It’s no secret that I have a hate-on for Daryn Jones, a television personality for MTV Canada. I find his humour tasteless, his act baseless, and his on-air presence a painful exercise in alternative comedy. I do not find him witty, or clever or remotely relevant. What I do find is that he pushes the boundaries of what a person can do for the sake of “entertainment” without calling into question whether this is an act or a wilful disregard for what used to be considered creative. Watching an episode of MTV Live with Daryn Jones is like watching every…. [ Read More ]

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There is a curious scene in The Hills Season Finale Premiere where Heidi Montag, fresh from 10+ surgeries, sits across from her Mother on the sofa in a conspicuous tete a tete and asks her: “Do I look good?” The camera moves along the lines of her Mother’s comfortably folded body to her slightly lined, yet beautifully open and somewhat pained face as she deliberately pauses, casually flicks a swath of dirty blonde hair from her shoulders, and replies in a calm voice, “I think you should re-phrase the question.” To me this was a Moment. An unscripted, “natural” moment…. [ Read More ]

Sometimes, I’ll admit, I read far too much into things. And I’m prone to think that not only is this a symptom of our times, but a condition of my/our attachment to all things media-related. If we are not grabbed by the most salacious and provocative headlines, a 24 hour media-feed that reports all things trendy and au courant, then we are left to ponder our relevance, dare I say importance, to those who might be more or less connected than we are. And so it is with me. I only recently got on Facebook. I only recently started a…. [ Read More ]

This blog entry is brought to you by the fine scholars at the SAY WHAT BIOTCH? School of Journalism. And today’s entry is dedicated to the I-accidently-crunched-my-brains-instead-of-my-Abs-scholar, Miss Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Dummy, I mean Loser-television fame. A day or two ago, Ms Michaels was quoted as saying, “I can’t handle the affects of pregnancy on my body,” and the comment reverberated through the media channels much the same way, I imagine, as the news of Michael Jackson’s passing last year. Well, maybe not so much, but I can venture a guess that the impact amongst Moms was swift…. [ Read More ]

Let’s just agree to file this topic under subjects that we will never tire of hearing, because it seems that for every person for whom food issues are a ‘natural’ way of life there are those who might never think twice about what they put in their mouths. It seems to be the way of the world, except that in varying degrees our issues are commensurate with the worlds in which we live. For example, in Third World environments the issue is not whether not to eat or how much to eat, it’s ‘how can I eat’; ‘will food be…. [ Read More ]

Today after what seemed like an eternity, we went to Church. And no, this ain’t yo Momma’s sister’s white friend’s church. This is CHURCH. There was all kinds of singing, all kinds of praising, and all kinds of saving going on. Ladies were bedecked in their Sunday Best, Gentlemen were outfitted in their shiniest shoes, and the girl-children’s hair was completely prettified by all manner of bows, ribbons, and matching clips to patent-leather buckled shoes. Some of us were frantically waving church fliers to whisk away beads of perspiration brought on by “worship-dancing,”–the likes of which just might rival any…. [ Read More ]

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In the past few days, I’ve read with interest, two decidedly different opinions about our cultural obsession with Food. The first opinion by columnist Leah McLaren of the Globe and Mail is stated in first person, all-about-me-self-absorbed-privileged-girl-of-a-certain-class/access-glory, while the second opinion from Peggy Orenstein, a writer for the New York Times confides that she was once nervous to give birth to a girl-child for fear of whatever food phobias she, as a woman, might pass on to her. Don’t get me wrong. I actually like Leah McLaren. I find her witty, intelligent, and I appreciate her unique point of view….. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould: Embrace Multiculturalism Today began like any other day: Wake up to girls piled on top of us, A few nudges and groans, plus barely audible “good mornings” Soft, warm, girly kisses, tight little bear hugs and then it’s off to the showers. A debate on what to wear, what to eat, what to drink. Make lunches, make coffee and then Pile into the Minivan to hopefully arrive at school on time. These days our early morning jam is How I Got Over by The Roots, followed by Lenny Kravitz, I Want to Fly. Our girls aged 5 and 2…. [ Read More ]

Yesterday I watched MTV Cribs with basketball player Carmelo Anthony, aka Melo. I watched the entire 10-15 minute segment with my jaw fully extended towards the floor, long, wide and incredulous. [Not a pretty picture]. My husband said that I also watched with a distinct sneer across my face, but since I don’t watch TV with a mirror on hand to catch my facial expressions, I can’t say for sure that I was sneering. According to him, this is apparently, how I often watch television. Call it an occupational hazard. I am, let it be said, the kind of person…. [ Read More ]

It’s dinner time. We’re just finishing up. Earlier I made some brown rice and I baked a few organic sweet potatoes. Was going to do a summer caesar salad, sans the milky/cheesy dressing, but the girls opted for sliced cucumbers instead. Me? Well, I flash fried some beautiful organic smoked atlantic salmon–I know, BLASPHEMY!– and served it with the above-mentioned brown rice and sweet potato. WOW! Talk about some incredible flavours. The smoked salmon is already so salty [23% per a 2-3 sliced serving, I checked!] but in the grand scheme of things it’s Ok. Hubby just went out for…. [ Read More ]

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Bag[ged] Lady? Sigh, It’s Hump Day. Are we there yet? The week seems to have crawled to a stop. Maybe because I’m tired. Went to bed far too late and got up far too early. A girl really does need the requisite 8 hours to feel her optimal best. WHAT AM I TRYING TO PROVE?! Just before going to bed, I decided to watch Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady video. Have you listened to Bag Lady recently? “Let it go, Let it go, Let it go…” Anyway, after I watched the Roots tune “How I Got Over,” which really is a…. [ Read More ]

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Weight Loss as Competitive Sport Over the past few days, I took a few days off from blogging to check out what was happening online. First and foremost my focus is our 2 young girls, but between the terrific and terrible highs my youngest is experiencing, and whatever emotional needs are required by my 5 year old, I managed to make time for some Eion Finn yoga, research the net, and think about how I wanted to make my mark. Lucky me! I chanced upon a few interesting articles over the past few days that kind of stuck with me….. [ Read More ]

Eat this. I’m kind of obsessed with my kids’ nutritional needs, but in a good way. Both of my daughters are severely and fatally allergic to all dairy products, among other things. Which means that I can’t simply shove a stick of cheese and a piece of pre-fab pizza in their face and call it a day. What I can do is find good alternatives to ensure that they develop healthily and normally without creating any unnecessary ‘food phobias.’ This means that we often go heavy on the organic/local-based vegetables and fruits, whole grains and protein. Every now and again…. [ Read More ]

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Embrace the Chaos Or Become a Mom Who Blogs. There’s a party in my head and I need to turn down the music except I can’t find the remote. Mostly it’s due to the cluster of fascinating guests, party favours and delicious eats and drinks that seem to hold sway over and above the desire to leave the festivities at a reasonable hour. Thing is, I am TIRED, y’all. And hallejulah it’s Wednesday. Which really means nothing in the grand scheming schwing of my current life, but I do recall a time when Wednesday meant “hump-day,” and a few short…. [ Read More ]

Take a Page from Jane Fonda on How to be Fabulous. Jane Fonda is FABULOUS. Jane Fonda is one of those eternally likable people who you might someday wish to call a friend. She’s not only whip-smart, beautiful and interestingly interested, but she’s also fundamentally down to earth. I say this because I feel like I “know” her. Right. Sounds a bit “stalkerish” doesn’t it. Obviously, I have no “real” connection to Ms Fonda, or anybody else of her ilk, but it’s not impossible to imagine how somehow might perceive to think they know a thing or two “about a…. [ Read More ]

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Go Sideways. Last night was a GOOD night. As a result I am “over-hung” as I write this. But it was worth it. Here’s what I have discovered over the years, and I just might have to credit the movie Sideways for taking me there: Drink what you like and enjoy yourself. I like to drink Pinot Noir. I like it because it’s drinkable. I got on this whole Pinot kick after watching Sideways. Which is a little strange because I am not typically susceptible to the subliminal offerings of Hollywood flics. Oh, but didn’t we all love this movie…. [ Read More ]

Find Your [Housewife] Bliss. As I write this I am utterly and desperately OVERWHELMED. I am also prone to a bit of hyperbole, so this feeling is nothing newish. There is so much I want to write about, but I can’t seem to give myself the breathing space in which to do it. There are changes that I want to make to the navigational aspect of my blog, but I can’t seem to find the breathing space in which to do it. And there are important discussions of which I’d like to be a part, but I can’t seem to…. [ Read More ]

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