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ithinkyoushould. Check Yo’self, Before You Wreck Yo’self. I’m going to “share” something. It’s been bugging me for AGES. I would say that it is something that defines my relationship with this person. I’m not going to name names, because that’s cowardly and potentially libellous and unfair because you are not getting that person’s side. Well, writing about said person is cowardly too, but when you’re somebody who abhors confrontation like I do, then this is the “safe” approach. You probably may or may not know somebody like this. And if you do, well I feel sorry for you too. Ok….. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Believe it, Crime Don’t Pay. The world is RICH and rife with nonsense. Some of us succeed at the realization that yes, over time we will get to where we need to be going, and some of us just want what we haven’t earned and want to get there quick. At whatever cost. Cost being the operative word here. Today a guy by the name of Albert Gonzalez was sentenced to 20 years plus a day in prison for hacking. He “stole data from millions of credit-card holders and cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars.” Whoa. Among other…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. ”Stop Saying Sex-Addict Like It’s a Bad Thing” That’s a gift from Bill Maher. And I don’t know about you, but reading the news gets me excited. It’s like I don’t know where to begin, or what to read first, and then what to do with the news I just read. This is a huge part of the reason I started my blog. I needed an outlet for the things that I saw, read, heard, and inadvertently came across in the mass culture. [Plus my head was beginning to pop-off at inappropriate times, and my husband and I agreed.... [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Learn Something. Yesterday I engaged in a little public airing of my dirty laundry. It wasn’t anything too salacious, but my hubby and I were fighting over web content. I was splitting hairs as to whether if I posted something on my blog he should post it too.  Haha. The creative version of a fight. Love it. My position was “I found it first” and his was “who cares!” Well, I received a comment from “Kev” aka, King Sol, yesterday who lay me straight. And boy did he school me. Here’s his reply in all its glory: “The argument…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Bite Me. I don’t ever really feel the need to toot my own horn, or “big” myself “up” or say things like, “that’s my line,” and so on. But I kind of feel like I have to now. My husband and I both write blogs. His is called “this” mine is called “that.” He’s incredibly web/internet-savvy. I am not. I surf a lot though, like a demon, but that is because I love content. I am not interested in what goes on behind the web scenes because I am not a designer. I don’t think that I could ever…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Mind Your Manners, Asshole. Getting your point across, like telling somebody off constructively is an art. Depending on the subject matter, you can give as much or as little detail as necessary to influence the person to whom you are speaking. Good or bad, people will take from that conversation whatever they deem necessary to carry on with their lives, and you will feel sufficiently “off-loaded” to carry on with yours. Telling somebody off artfully carries equal sway. The impetus can be found in the delivery, the tone of voice, and by the very words themselves. And this is…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Enjoy the Experience When Life Gives it to You. This has been an enjoyable break. No, I haven’t read the Driver’s Handbook as I promised myself I would. Which means that yes, it doesn’t look like I will be driving this month so let’s not talk about that part shall we? What I have been able to do is lots of writing. It’s been great! I’ve also been able to binge clean my closet to get rid of things I no longer use to the tune of 4 large garbage bags. I’ve pitched some gently used shoes and even…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Buy Some Tiger Toys Oh dear. This can be taken one of two ways. The way I’m taking it, is by planting my tongue firmly in my cheek, and placing my foot squarely in my mouth. Oh, that’s two of two ways, but you get the point. Tiger was recently interviewed by ESPN about his last few months, he says sorry again, and lets us know that his life has been difficult since, but there’s really nothing more. The gory details he tells us are reserved for him and his family. But I think he just doesn’t get it….. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Reconnect. Last night I saw a friend I hadn’t seen or heard from in more than 5 years! Amazing. She found me on Facebook to say Hi, I’m coming to Toronto, let’s see one another. Of course I was in. Husband to please mind the girlies, and Wifey off for the evening. We had dinner, we chatted, we laughed, we cried, we drank, we reminisced, we hugged, we shared, we re/connected. Beautiful. From this day forward, I will make every effort to reconnect to the people and places that hold great value and worth to my life. I think…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Embrace Your Inner Animal I am surrounded by Wood. And this is the absolute worst thing for a Fire Horse [And a Fire Dragon like my husband]. Too much wood around a fire animal and they grow antsy. Until today, I had no knowledge of this. I’ve been embracing my Scorpion wateriness like a talisman, not knowing that my Horsey “firey-ness” affects me equally. Perhaps even more so. Revealingly, I learned this all by happenstance. In discussing the Rooster characteristics of my eldest daughter with my sister, her aunt, she told me that she had to “get rid of…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. See this. By Lucian Freud.

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ithinkyoushould. Take A Walk on the Foodie Side. I like to think that I “know” a few things. Not because I am a “know-it-all,” but because the things I think I know, hit me at both an intellectual and visceral level. I literally feel what I know in my bones. I’ve often imagined what would happen if I were to explore my sometimes “psychic” hunches, but it’s not necessarily a premonition thing with me as it is a “oh my Spidey senses are tingling,” kind of thing. In print, it comes off as kind of flakey, because, “ohhh riiiight, you…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Sell Your Version of Events. Hmmm. This is Tricky. I want to mention that I read the Rielle Hunter, “Hello, My Name, is…” thing a few days ago  first excerpted from the Washington Post, and then in GQ. I think that I actually waited a day because I kind of wanted to process–more like chew and spit out– the whole thing. Ya. I still don’t know what to make of it. I actually wrote down a quote from her and I wanted to run with that as my lead-in. She said, “People pay more attention to scandal than they…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Get some Sleep. I’m tired. My eyes are itchy with fatigue, but for some reason I cannot turn off my computer. I just want to read read read and then write just a little before I turn out the lights. There is nothing compelling going on except for the fact that I feel like I need to share. Maybe it’s the chocolate. I ate two bags of those Cadbury Mini Eggs thingies. Lethal! It’s almost 2am but here I am stuffing myself with cheap-tasting Easter Chocolate Treats. Belgium chocolates these are not, but the “artificial flavour, and “colour (with…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Put Your Karmic Debt In Perspective. A few entries ago, I might have mentioned how when I was having a Bad Day, I spoke to my Mother and while we were talking about Life’s Many Challenges, I asked her in a somewhat rhetorical fashion whether I had not sufficiently paid a certain Karmic Debt. She laughed, and said, “well, only time will tell.” And time has indeed told many things…None that I can readily associate with a repaid debt, but other more interesting things have happened. The main thing that I have learned is that as far as I…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Follow Your Intuition. When you think of somebody, CALL THEM! This is a favourite saying of my Mothers. Not just a saying, but something she puts into practice and has suggested that we, her daughters and many friends, do too. There is a positive energy force between thinking and doing, especially if in that thinking somebody else can benefit. Who doesn’t need a random kind word? Who doesn’t need a beautiful smile, or a friendly rub on the back? Who doesn’t need somebody to ask them how they are? Or What’s new? A simple phone call can take care…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Revisit Your Inner Sanctum. Today after a long stretch of time I returned to my Yoga Practice. It has been too long. Months maybe. What was I thinking? I think that I was just living life not paying too hard attention to the things that would keep me afloat, the Master Cleanse notwithstanding. And this is what happens. You chug along for a certain period of time letting life run its course, letting yourself be the filter for other people, and before you know it, you’ve put yourself on the backburner yet again. Sigh. It’s one thing to be…. [ Read More ]

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