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ithinkyoushould. See this. Bansky screens his film in a dingy tunnel at the Berlin Film Festival. Wish I was, gulp, there.

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ithinkyoushould. Get That Boy Shorts Bottom! [And Gollom Arms!] It’s Day Two of my Cleanse. And apart from a headache, which I’m not entirely certain is attributable to the lack of food energy, I feel FINE! Yes, capital F, fine. My husband has remarked that for somebody who has consumed nothing more than water, syrup, pepper and lemonade, I am in relatively good spirits. I tell him that it is because not only am I committed to sticking to this regime, but I am also committed to not acting like a depraved lunatic. And this dear friends is what it…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Let It Go. Today I started the Master Cleanse. I’ve been writing about it for some time now and yesterday I finally gathered up all my ingredients to start. I’m both scared and excited as I embark on this journey. So much of what I’ve read online is daunting and scary. It’s not a cleanse for the faint of heart. It’s not a cleanse for anybody who isn’t committed, and it’s not a cleanse for people who don’t like to take risks or who are generally unhealthy. And yet as I write this, I wonder what category do I…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Know that Tiger don’t Play That. I would absolutely forgive you for caving to cultural peer pressure if you watched the “Something about Nothing”  TW press conference the other night. I would also forgive you if you were unable to restrain yourself from committing an act of violence against your flatscreen TV in the process. This is how I felt. A few mornings prior to the conference, I listened to the CBC Morning 2 Drive as was my usual habit. When they broke for the news, the Tiger Woods conference was reported as headline news amidst other top news…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Think Neon Pink.

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ithinkyoushould. Dance Your Ass off. Peas-Style.

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ithinkyoushould. Be, Sexy, Cool, Flirty, Girly.

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ithinkyoushould. Make Some Cookies. Adobe Photoshop Cook from Lait Noir on Vimeo.

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ithinkyoushould. Get to know someone smarter than you. When I recall my creative design studio days chez Bruce Mau, Del Terrelonge and Yabu Pushelberg, I will always remember one of the many Life Gems I learned sitting next to Bruce in one of those timeless Eames chairs. It was this: No matter what station in life somebody happens to be in, whatever their personal triumphs and struggles, no matter their apparent educational level, you can always learn something. No, he didn’t say exactly those words, but the vibe of the studio environment was generally like that. What he did say…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Pay as Much Or As Little Attention to John Mayer’s Isms As You Deem Necessary. You heard it and read it. I heard it and read it. You might have been outraged by it, or you might have ignored it believing that, A. He said it and meant it. B. He said it and meant it and it was “taken out of context.” C. He said it and meant it, and you could care less, or D. Who is John Mayer? Me, I’m apt to pick all 4. I read it, thought hmmm. I heard his apology, and went…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Get a Different News Perspective. Don’t believe everything you read. Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t believe the hype! This could very well be the beginning of a Paranoid’s Manifesto. But there’s something to be garnered from reading between the lines, not taking absolutely everything at face value, and getting a second opinion. As human beings, I’d like to believe that we can all very well be forgiven for our transgressions, but when our biases and politics are flaunted like they are the only biases and politics that are worth considering, well, then, Houston We Have A Problem. The…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Cut My Friend Gwyneth Some Slack, and Eliminate Your GOOP I know. You’re cringing. At my grammar, and in reference to my friend Gwyneth. Well, what can I add to the subject other than what’s already been said? Yes, it has been reported that some journalists find her preachy, and holier than thou, and “perfect” and without blemish, and…But really, I mean, can you honestly say that she isn’t just trying to make the world a healthier, more zen-like, fashionable place, albeit from the cush high atop her horse, um, make that thoroughbred? Or do we just hate her…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Go ahead, and, admit let’s say, that yes, “out of curiosity,” you’ve shopped at Walmart This morning I awoke with the best of intentions. As I lay awake contemplating my next series of small moves that didn’t involve administering cough, flu and asthma meds, changing diapers, making breakfast, and washing/loading dishes, I thought about getting a pre-Spring head-start in order to conduct a little Master Cleanse on myself. I thought about whole wheat breakfast burritos with green-sauted onions and basil-infused egg whites with salsa, 8 glasses of lemon water daily, green salads full of pumpkin, hemp and chia seeds,…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Believe it when your Teacher used to say “Good Writing is Re-Writing.” In the life I lead outside of my “writing life,”—which let me be frank, is an extension of my inner life, I usually wonder what it would be like to have an Editor. Some[warm]body to take back, pull back, reorient, readjust, and generally rethink some of the decisions I’ve made to date. I used to say that in my Life, I have not ever considered “regret” and/or “guilt” as an option, and I’ve generally forged ahead either mindful of, or blissfully ignorant of the consequences. Yes, I…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Go ahead and get that tattoo. For years now I have been considering a second tattoo. Apparently this is what happens when you get one…like LAYS Potato chips, you know the deal… It’s something that gets stuck in my head every time I feel I need to be “transformed”—we Scorpios need to continually challenge and thus change ourselves—and gets further imprinted into my soul and my psyche when I watch the super creative offerings of Ms Kat Von D. Kat, the artist, is literally the embodiment of her art and spirit through the screen of manufactured reality: I actually…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Consider the Native People’s Issue regarding the 2010 Olympics. The other day I came across an important message on the Twitter Feed. A blog I follow called UrbanNativeGirl, commented on what she felt was a “token” gesture on the part of the Olympic organizers regarding the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada towards the Native People. Reading the article, while fixating on the brilliance of the accompanying logo of the Hawk’s feet grasping two of the Olympic Rings in its clutches, I became slightly incensed and proceeded to pump my fist in solidarity at what she considered a small attempt…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Kiss Somebody Two Times Today &  Celebrate Your Inner Tiger/esse. Gong Xi Fa Choi! Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a double-dip day if there ever was one. In celebration of the Year of the Tiger, not only do I get to eat delectable Chinese Food to my heart’s content [my husband is Singaporean Chinese, AKA “Tropical Chinese”—as he so fondly refers to himself], but I get all that Western crap associated with the mandatory Love Holiday. I should also mention that our 2nd daughter was due to arrive, 2 years ago on this particular day,…. [ Read More ]

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