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ithinkyoushould. Keep Some Things Sacred and Define Yourself as Distinct from the [Counter] Culture. There’s something about getting things off your chest that is not only cathartic, but deeply cleansing and therapeutic. We now live in a culture where things once-considered taboo, and/or underground have been brought screaming like hell fire and damnation into the mainstream. In some respects this is good and healthy and in other respects it leaves nothing to the imagination and pollutes the energy with all things negative and nasty. In other words, our desire to unearth and expose all things formerly considered Unmentionable has created…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Reassess your Understanding of Respect. My husband’s father does not like me. And, guess what, it’s OK. I should say, I’m OK with it now. But I wasn’t before. I wasn’t OK with it before because I’ve never really had the experience of somebody not liking me for what I perceived to be “no reason.” And from what others, including complete strangers tell me, I’m a sufficiently likeable person. At the same time, I can totally get behind the idea of the “real” reasons why or why not people find a mutual like, since likeability is as random as…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Say Goodnight.

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ithinkyoushould. Pretend you Care.

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ithinkyoushould. Pretend you Get It.

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ithinkyoushould. Lighten up! So here’s the thing. I’m not ALWAYS off my rocker, vexed about some happening here or there. But lately, I HAVE been. The reason? Well, my girls are sick. As in cough-cough, spew-spew, wipey-wipe the runny nose over me, their mother, the human tissue. It’s ok. So far, I haven’t caught anything except the emotional onslaught of being a mom with 2 sick little girls. They ARE getting better so it’s cool. But it has been a helluva week. And then some. A few days ago I read some article somewhere and I wanted to share it….. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Breathe into a Brown Paper Bag. Too…Much…Amazingness…No…Words…Actually Makethatplenty’owords!

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ithinkyoushould. Follow the Uncomplicated Wisdom of a Certain 13 Year Old. So out in the blogosphere there is a 13 year “genius,” “prodigy” who writes a fashion blog called the Style Rookie. Her name is Tavi. She is a  precocious sort in that her fashion tastes are unlike that of the “average” teenager. She writes superbly, and she exudes a particular creative energy that is inspiring. And by all accounts she knows her stuff. She is the “rage” in the business of fashion writing/reporting, and in her early days, many questioned whether she was the brilliance behind the blog because…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Resist this kind of NONSENSE! Oh boy.  I want to post this under the heading WTF?! But I’m grappling hard with its association with Haiti. This is what I believe Naomi Klein refers to as a “disaster capitalist” opportunity: Rihanna singing Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, rather BADLY I might add. And then Oprah comes back and says it was “beautiful!” [I think she was inferring that Rihanna looked beautiful, cuz YES, not only did she look "beautiful," she looked gorgeous! But the singing was all kinds of awful. If she was on American Idol, she would be told to.... [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Try Eating your Politics without Entertainment.

ithinkyoushould. Carefully consider this position. The title of a article/interview reads: “Exploitation Nation: Naomi Klein worries Haitians won’t have a role in shaping their future.” It was written on January 21, 2010 by  Katie Paul, a Newsweek correspondent. I only happened on this article moments after I installed the previous entry, but I have to say that since the devastating earthquake in Haiti I’ve been thinking the same thing. Something along these lines has been gnawing at my core, and I haven’t found the words[!] to express it without sounding like a wacko. Yes, the collective rallying cry is…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Read what Naomi Klein says about the politics of Corporate Branding. This article in the by Toronto’s own Naomi Klein is many shades of brilliant. Not the least because she resists being dictated to by our popular brands, but because she details and itemizes the global impact of the corporatizing of brand culture. Yes, she and her disciples lean so far left as to require the odd metaphorical prop to keep them standing upright, but I so appreciate her taking an active stand against what so many of us think and feel about brand culture, but do not…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould | soapbox editions. Recognize the Not-so Subtle Messaging of MTV, MUCH, and Youth/Young Adult-Oriented TV Programming in General. So again the other night I flicked on the tube. Yes, this seems to be my habit of late. Not because I am “searching” for material, but *indirectly*, it would seem that I am indeed searching for material. Perhaps like some people, I would not ever readily admit that I go to television to validate my interests or to change and/or influence the way I think, or even to learn something. I might suggest that I go to TV out of…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Recognize the Not-so Subtle Messaging of MTV, MUCH, and Youth/Young Adult-Oriented TV Programming in General. This is the first of many installments under the heading: SoapBox Editions in which I’ll be wearing my  Pontificating, Self-Righteous, Morality waving flag, tsk-tsking about what I perceive to be a disturbing trend in our Culture. So again the other night I flicked on the tube. Yes, this seems to be my habit of late. Not because I am “searching” for material, but *indirectly*, it would seem that I am indeed searching for material. Perhaps like some people, I would not ever readily admit…. [ Read More ]

ithinkyoushould. Get Interested in Design. Design is all around us. It’s literally in the air we breathe. These days Designers, those seemingly untouchable uber creative types are communicating their ideas in ways that we can all actually now comprehend. Oh, they always did, but perhaps in ways that were a bit too lofty, and a bit too sexy, a bit to “out there” so that the seemingly non-creative type, aka, the consumer found intimidating. Designers were the celebs of the business working class. Kind of like Rockstars. They looked a certain way, acted a certain way and created and delivered…. [ Read More ]

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ithinkyoushould. Forget About Guilt. Guilt is one of those social emotions that comes about when we do something we’re “not supposed” to do, say something we’re “not supposed” to say, or act in a manner we’re “not supposed” to act. It comes about when the sub-conscious feels a certain amount of remorse, and regret to the things it did willingly and knowingly, but decided to do it anyway. Guilt is a manipulative, underhanded emotion because it seeks to deprive and destroy both the object and indirectly the subject of that Guilt in ways that are unhealthy and counter-productive. Above all,…. [ Read More ]

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The Hour with George Strombo on CBC

ithinkyoushould. Tell Harrison Ford that Sleep Aids Needs a Spokesman. The other night I watched The Hour with George Strombo. “The Bio,” as his guest’s biographical introduction is called, serves to give the highlights of said guest’s career. I was both excited and interested to see what Harrison Ford, given his illustrious film career to date, might bring to the live format nature of the show. So I watched: The. Longest. 5. Minutes. In. Television. History. Ever. Harrison fidgeted, breathed, mumbled, spoke in a monotone, and barely made eye-contact with the audience or his host. It was excruciating. Apparently, I…. [ Read More ]

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